Meet with the founder

Hi, my name is Sissy, the founder of Take a Break Teas & Herbs.

I have a passion about nature since I was a child. I shared my entire life with animals, they are always surround me and part of my existence.

I never forget the long walks with my German Shepherd, our journey from home to over the canal to reach the meadow every day. We spent hours and hours outside and enjoy our freedom.

We saw beautiful plants, and sniffed their scent, we were running freely, chased rabbits, mice, saw hedgehogs, even chasing the cows up on the hill together.

I never forget the huge pile of rock, where I used to lay down to see the stars on the sky, and thought of the big secrets of life, or the enormous lifeless fallen tree trunk, we climbed up and down.

The unforgettable summers when I always traveled to my auntie who lived in the mountain Matra.

This place is the Island of peace, where everything left behind, and I was able to give myself out of the nature. Finally, I was free. Colourful wild flowers hanged around me with their intoxicant, mellifluous scent, where the wind played their melodies on the trees` canopy, birds’ beautiful songs was heard, and tiny little creatures lived their busy life.

Everything was calm and I felt, I finally got home from our accelerated world.

I have an economist diploma in financial and accounting field, but when I was at home with my son, my passion about plants drove me to study and I got a diplomas about natural and organic skincare production, and I also finished a herbalist and aromatherapy course. Of course, life is a forever learning curve, so I have plans in the future to gain more knowledge.

And here I am now with my passion Take a Break Teas & Herbs, where I would like to give a little slice to the people from nature with all my heart and I hope everyone can enjoy it as I do.

Our mission

With our products our aim is to inspire the people in the world to take a break, slow down sometimes a little bit and give attention for others, realize the true love of life over their jobs, works or study.

Life is not just a horse race where people chasing constantly their money or their good luck.

With our products we would like to help relax, give a little self-time and encourage people to keep contact with family and friends while they drink their favorite Take a Break cuppa.

With Take a Break Teas & Herbs people have an easy excess of the power of herbs to feel more confident, self-esteemed, relaxed, energized, happier, fresher or whatever the goal is.


Product packaging

While we are enthusiasm of nature and the environment, we aspired to carefully packed our product in an environmentally friendly way.

We only use recycled paper and biodegradable, compostable cellulose bags to give a break treat to our environment and take care of our ecosystem. Moreover, our main goal is to reduce our economic footprint as little as possible.

On this reason we do not use eye catching, vivid & colourful package, instead of stand out with our beautiful and simple products that is a safer solution for the environment.

We really care about our planet`s future and we hope each person who buy our products see the luxury of this powerful simplicity that is a small but straight step to help regenerate and minimize the damage of the world.

16 Thorold Road, Chatham, Kent ME5 7EA United Kingdom


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