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Christmas is almost here...

Christmas is almost here. Everyone is so busy this time of the year, chasing the last gifts in the shops all around, trying to find the one that is brings smiles on faces. Parents are ticking the long list one after another, buying the best ingredients from food store to make some amazing gingerbread cookies with the children and the most delicious Christmas menu ever.

But Oh no… they forgot something! Their favourite Christmas Tea blend. Busy days are nearly over and the holiday season just in the doorstep. It has still time to get your Christmas Tea Set and drink your delicious cup of tea while you spend your day with your loved ones.

Here at Take a Break Teas and Herbs we love to give and see happy smiles. To celebrate Christmas with all of you, we would like to give away one of our delicious Christmas Tea Set.

You don`t need to do much, just only like and share our page and please, don’t forget to write in the comment: Celebrate Christmas together.

Drawing held on 25th December, so our lucky winner have a special gift soon from us.

Our list is not done yet, as we would like to send out 10 of our Take a Break Cards for people who spend the holiday season alone.

If you know a person who fit in the description contact us and send details.

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