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May Sale On! 40% off The New You Tea Set

Chaotic days and weeks behind us and we just hope the end is coming soon.

While most of us spend their time at home to clean the house upside down, paint the walls or create a beautiful garden during this lockdown period, others, our heroes and heroines work hard to save life, feed us or bring news to our doorstep and the list goes on…

This is the time when we all should think about the health of our body and immune system more than ever before. There are a huge number of stressors now that could be harmful in many ways. Some of us spend the days at home, constantly thinking of how to feed their family or pay the bills, eating more as nothing to do and exercise less which are unhealthy. Others work twice as hard as before, stressing on the pandemic and hope they can go home without taking the virus or waiting the moment when they can see their family again.

Our body deserve to be healthy, clean and well balanced. With our New You Tea Set you could reach this goal easily and get back on track quickly.

We made a May Sale on our New You Tea Set, to help everyone reach this goal when less is in the pocket.

The Tea Set now available in our online store with a 40% discount. Do not forget to use the coupon code: newyou at the checkout.

The Tea Set contains our three popular Tisanes:

Detox Tea - The Natural Purifier: our unique blend, with its high vitamin and mineral content, help to filter impurities from your body, cleanse, restore and balance your urinary system, maintain healthy liver function and purify your blood. It also works to reduce water retention, increase metabolism and boost your mood, so you feel more confident in your body, and your beauty radiates from the inside.

Detox Tea - The Ultimate Toxin Remover: Revive your skin and restore your body with these metabolism boosting ingredients, packed with antioxidants, support your weight loss goals, cleanse, restore and balance your digestive system. It helps to maintain healthy liver function, purifies your blood, while also reducing bloating and boosting energy levels.

PH Balance Alkalizing Tea: Take control and balance your PH. This Tisane blend help to maintain the essential acid-alkaline balance in your body.

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