Do you feel that your friend, family member or your loved one too busy with work, study, and their everyday life?

    Do you think someone doesn`t have enough time for you?

    Do you know someone who loves teas or likes little gifts?

    If the answer is yes, don`t hesitate to send our Take a Break card to help remember for the importance of self-time, the missing precious moments that you can spend together or simply letting know how many times you think about them.

    Whatever is the reason we are sure everyone loves to feel important, especially in an old-school way.

    Instead of writing text messages, personalise our Take a Break card and send your message to someone special. 

    Sending our Take a Break card takes only one minute and can be personalised in four easy steps:

    1. Write your personalised message,

    2. Choose from 10 different teas,

    3. Choose the colour of the jute twine,

    4. Give the address where to send the card,

    and let us take care of everything else.

      Jute Twine